Hello All

I am currently doing a project at school for art, and i would love to explore art in the future.

I would love to create a simple app (seems simple in my head!) but i would love to ask you for some pointers and some advise.

I am very confident with computers, and have built websites and learnt code before etc.

I cant really find examples of what i am trying to achieve on the android app.

What i would love to create is an image that is manipulable by touch. The only way ive seen it done before is done by image software (like burning or streching) but i would like it to be real.

For example if i video a balloon or rubber texture, and touched it with a 'green' finger in order to only show to action of touch.

And then have an image that would recreate the image of where i am touching it.

I.e i want a picture or image that can be touched, but react as if i did actually touch it (or filmed that way)

does this make scene?

If so are there any examples of this, and could you advise how i would start this project and what i could build this on.

Many thanks for any replies,

I look forward to your responses!


(if it doesn't make sense please ask me to reiterate!)