Hi all!
I have 2 separate javascripts that works properly as they should, 1 script (below) for playing external sound files and the other script is here:

http://decentius.hit.uib.no/lexin/im...=B&ui-lang=nbo (takes a few seconds..)

I want to add pronounciation of the birds name when click at the images or the left menu but the problem is thet I don't know how to integrate those 2 javascripts.

Any idea??

Would really appreciate it if you could help me with

This is the 2:end script for playing the sounds;

<SCRIPT language=JavaScript><!--
// Preload and play audio files with event handler (MouseOver sound)
// designed by JavaScript Archive, (c)1999
// Get more free javascripts at http://jsarchive.8m.com

var aySound = new Array();
// Below: source for sound files to be preloaded
aySound[0] = "test1.mp3";
aySound[1] = "test2.mp3";
aySound[2] = "test3.mp3";
// DO NOT edit below this line

IE = (navigator.appVersion.indexOf("MSIE")!=-1 && document.all)? 1:0;
NS = (navigator.appName=="Netscape" && navigator.plugins["LiveAudio"])? 1:0;
ver4 = IE||NS? 1:0;

function auPreload() {
if (!ver4) return;
if (NS) auEmb = new Layer(0,window);
else {
Str = "<DIV ID='auEmb' STYLE='position:absolute;'></DIV>";
var Str = '';
for (i=0;i<aySound.length;i++)
Str += "<EMBED SRC='"+aySound[i]+"' AUTOSTART='FALSE' HIDDEN='TRUE'>"
if (IE) auEmb.innerHTML = Str;
else {
auCon = IE? document.all.auIEContainer:auEmb;
auCon.control = auCtrl;
function auCtrl(whSound,play) {
if (IE) this.src = play? aySound[whSound]:'';
else eval("this.document.embeds[whSound]." + (play? "play()":"stop()"))
function playSound(whSound) { if (window.auCon) auCon.control(whSound,true); }
function stopSound(whSound) { if (window.auCon) auCon.control(whSound,false); }