I have implemented carouFredSel, a jquery plugin, (with the basic example with next/prev and pagination) into Chrome, Firefox, IE9 and 8. For some reason though when viewing IE7 it seems to me that the plugin does not fire right. It just shows the list going down and does not put it into an overflow hidden or styles it where the next and previous buttons will work. Is there something I am missing here?

I have looked through the installation several times and also tried to implement this on IE7 on a standalone page and was unable to. It seems that the plugin is just not setting up the correct things on IE7 as it does create the class/id's foo2 and iamge_carousel. Does anyone have a different IE7 to try incase it is some settings on my IE7 VHD or help point me in the right direction? Has anyone run into this problem before using this jquery plugin?

Thank you for your time. Kamron