Hello. Ive got a problem, trying to solve it for two days now, but wasnt lucky enough to find solution so far. I hope you might help me. I need a script which plays a sound whenever I click on a picture, but when I release the mouse button the sound stops playing and another sound will play. (Im trying to implement a piano on my web, the picture are the keys, first sound is the note, second sound is reverberation) This is what ive got so far:

<section id="two">
      <div class="inside">
            <div id="nav-two" class="nav">
                  <audio id="beep-two">
                        <source src="piano/E5.mp3" controls></source>
                        <source src="piano/E5.ogg" controls></source>
                        Your browser does not support that. Please get a new version.
      <img id="obrazek_id_3" name="obrazek3" style="margin-left: 100px; position: absolute;" hspace=5 src="piano/001.png" border="0">
            <script>$("#nav-two a")
              .each(function(i) {
                if (i != 0) { 
                    .attr("id", "beep-two" + i)
                $(this).data("beeper", i);
              .mousedown(function() {
                $("#beep-two" + $(this).data("beeper"))[0].play();
            $("#beep-two").attr("id", "beep-two0");</script>
Script for one key, ive tried at least 70 variations but the problem is Im not able to make the sound stop playing when i release the button. I implemented everything Ive found but Im writting it syntactically wrong I guess. (.mouseup, .mousedown). Im not able to add .currentTime=0 (I guess bad syntax again). Next issue, Ive tried (with help of Google xD) to make one script using "hover" nevertheless it works the way that it plays the sound when I move the cursor into the key area and thats not what I need again.
  <script src="(URL address blocked: See forum rules)"></script>

    <div class="birds">
    <audio src="piano/C5.ogg" preload="auto"></audio>

    <script language="javascript" src="(URL address blocked: See forum rules)"></script>

    <script type="text/javascript">
    var birdhover     = $('.birds');
        var birdaudio = birdhover.find('audio')[0];

    }, function(){
       var audioElm = document.getElementById('soundTour');

Reply by illustrative demonstration please