I'm no javascript expert, but I code well enough to write the basic scripts I need for my site. I recently wrote code that worked as expected in IE4 and IE5, however, it crashed the IE5 on NT machines. I've spent weeks trying to debug it, and now want to start from scratch. I'm going to outline what my code is supposed to do and I hope someone will be able to write it for me. In terms of logic, I can only think of one way to do it, but I am sure there are others.

- when a link is clicked, a javascript function or functions should do the following:

- change the visible property of a DIV from hidden to visible.
- change the URL/location of an IFRAME in that DIV.

The name of the DIV, IFRAME, and the new URL for the IFRAME must be passed to the javascript functions as parameters. The script does not have to work in Netscape. If you want to see the effect (and you are not using NT IE5) go to allgamesfree.com and click on one of the game titles.

Thanks for reading, I'd really appreciate it if someone could give this a try!