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    How to pass variables from javascript on one htm page to another asp page?

    I'm trying to pass more than one variable from javascript to another asp page. I used Array to transfer multiple vars into one var (named "words"). Here is the relevant code I tried:

    <SCRIPT language=Javascript>
    function query()
    var words=" ";
    for (i=0; i<=10; i++)
    {if (document.pref_form.elements[i].checked)
    words = words + " + AND + " + prefArray[i];}

    How can I pass the var "words" to another asp page (say, search.asp)? In that search page, I want to use the received words to conduct a key word search. Please help me!!! Thax a lot!
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    You can pass the variables via the post method and have the recieving page accept the variables. Depending on your server and your experience you could use sessions as well.
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    i had the same problem. What i did is creating hidden field(s) with javascripts on my page.

    This is something i created for transferring some products:

    HiddenHTML = '<form name="frmProduct" method="POST">'
    HiddenHTML += '<input name="Code' + i + '" type="hidden" value="' + arrCode[i] + '">'
    HiddenHTML += '<input name="Oms' + i + '" type="hidden" value="' + arrOms[i] + '">'
    HiddenHTML += '<input name="Prijs' + i + '" type="hidden" value="' + arrPrijs[i] + '">'

    HiddenHTML += '<input name="Totaal" type="hidden" value=' + total + '>'
    HiddenHTML += '<input name="AantalVelden" type="hidden" value=' + i + '>'
    HiddenHTML += '</form>'

    Put it in a div with this :

    document.all["HiddenProducts"].innerHTML = HiddenHTML

    And put this somewhere on your page

    <div id="HiddenProducts"></div>

    And create a button and call a function with some thing like this:

    document.frmProduct.action = "<somepage.asp>"

    there some dutch words involved but i think you well get the main idea from this.


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