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    I'm building a site in PHP and I can't get javascript ot work on any of my php pages.
    I have tried <a href=right.php3 target=right onClick=parent.down.location.href=down.php3;>
    where right is the right frame and down is the bottom frame,what I want it to do is to update the bottom frame since the current page has updated the mysql databas from wich the down fram gets it's data by an sql query. I get zero action from down.php. The <a href... is called from a print"" in a php pages
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    I don't see enough of your code to help you, but essentially, the problem is not with PHP + Javascript. PHP is transparent to Javascript; it is server-side only while Javascript is client-side only. As long as the PHP code outputs syntactically correct HTML and Javascript, the Javascript will execute. The best way to debug this is to output your PHP page to the browser, and then View Source, save that HTML output and debug your Javascript there, then see how you can change your PHP to output the right HTML.

    And vice-versa, as long as Javascript is calling the right HREF, etc... PHP will receive http requests and do its business.
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    Maybe first check your use of ' and ", sometimes it is better to use the ' when you are typing in a print statement, especially when Javascript is concerned...


    Ramon Litjens
    Boradoli Web Design
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    if you are using <?php print - or echo" etc you need to pass the commands as a script ie:

    <?php echo" <script>location.href="link.php3" target="etc etc ..."</script>?>

    sometimes you even have to pass a document.write(etc.



    Simon Wheeler
    FirePages -DHTML/PHP/MySQL

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