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    Questions about feasibility of a chrome extension


    This is not a very specific question, it is about the general idea and if this could be implemented. I put this thread here because the project will be mostly done in JavaScript.

    So, I would like to build a very very simple DJ mixer just for my use-case:
    • Two potentiometers(sliders) for the volumes of the two music sources. The positions/resistance of the potentiometers are read by an Arduino Mini. The positions are sent to the computer via serial data connection.
    • A very simple web server on the computer will receive the serial data over USB and broadcasts the two values via socket.io just on the computer, so no difficult authentication is required.
    • A chrome extension set up a page containing two instances of Google Player Music. The extension sets the volume of the corresponding GPM instance to the received value from socket.io from the web server.

    The most difficult part I fear is the Chrome extension part.

    What do you think, is the "buildable"? If you can think of any problems please point them out.

    Any recommendations how to do the small web server? Python, Java, NodeJS? To my understanding this doesn't matter. The choosen language should only support serial data over USB and web capabilities.

    Thanks for reading!

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    What's your platform? Windows/Mac/Linux?

    You could probably find a library for any language to handle a basic Webserver. Being able to read the serial data would be the more questionable part. For the most part I think you can read the serial info with just basic filesystem functions (at least on windows) but having a library to help might be nice.

    I'm not sure what you're referencing when you say Google Player Music (searching it only brings up the play store for music) or why feel you need an extension.
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