Hi. I have recently joined Devshed and am working on building my first website. I know Java and J2EE technologies pretty well, but am a beginner when it comes to client-side stuff like HTML and JavaScript.

My goal is to build a website that will utilize the J2EE technologies that I know, like servlets, JSP's, JavaBeans, and JDBC; but that also has a well-built user interface. My questions are:

1) What technologies should I plan to use in my website so that it will be built with up-to-date technology? I know that I do not want web pages built using only HTML. My feeling so far is that I should plan to use JavaScript along with the HTML, and that I will probably want to use Frames. As I mentioned before, I have a pretty good handle on how to use things like custom tag libraries and servlets; it's just the presentation that I will need to learn more about.

2) Can anyone suggest some good resources that I can use to learn HTML and JavaScript, or any of the other technologies recommended in my first question?

3) Any suggestions regarding an overall strategy for building the site?

Thanks in advance.