currently i have an array in jquery (static one, which doesnt change) like [ item1, item2....]/

i have a text area where user can put something like:

then i split textarea into an array, loop through this array, and for each item, i loop through the static array and find teh closest match. if it is closest match then i display: item111, <drop down of my static array with closes match selected>

this is how i do a closest match:

$.each(default_industries, function(){
	match_regex = new RegExp('['+user_text+']{1,}');
	//match_regex = new RegExp('['+this+']{1,}');
	var this_count = this.match(match_regex);
	if (this_count){
	   if ( this_count[0].length > last_count ) {
		    default_index = i;
		    last_count = this_count[0].length;
default_index is used to then get the array item of static array that "matched" closely.

Anyway the question: is there a more efficient way of matching two strings?