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    Sending data to the printer includes filename, date, & page#

    <script type="text/javascript">
    //	---------------- checkPrint() fn ------------
    	function checkPrint() {
    	  checkDate = document.getElementById('chkDt').value;
    	  checkPayTo = document.getElementById('chkPayTo').value;
    	  checkAmount = document.getElementById('chkAmt').value;
    	  checkDollars = document.getElementById('chkDollars').value;
    	  checkMemo = document.getElementById('chkMemo').value;
    	  document.writeln(checkDate + "<br />");
    	  document.writeln(checkPayTo + "<br />");
    	  document.writeln(checkAmount + "<br />");
    	  document.writeln(checkDollars + "<br />");
    	  document.writeln(checkMemo + "<br />");
    	}//========  endOf checkPrint() fn  ========
                <input type='text' id='chkDt' value='' size='12'/><br />
    	  pay to the order of 
                <input type='text' id='chkPayTo' value='' size='35' /><br />
    	  dollar amount
    	    <input type'text' id='chkAmt' value='0' size='10' /><br />
    	  dollars text
    	    <input type='text' id='chkDollars' value='' size='50' /><br />
    	    <input type='text' id='chkMemo' value='' size='50' /><br />
    For a quick & dirty way to print the data (Date, Pay To, Amount, Amount Text, & Memo) on a blank check (paper size 8.5 x 11) the above code seems to work except that the printer prints the filename in the upper right-hand corner, the page number in the lower left-hand corner, and the date & time in the lower right-hand corner.

    If I can avoid the extra stuff in the corners I can go ahead with the formatting to fill-in blank checks.

    Any clues on how to prevent the unwanted stuff in the corners?
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    Welcome back to DevShed Forums, abacus.

    You can't do that with JavaScript. You would need to manually change your web browser's printer settings.

    What I might do is create a new (additional) Firefox profile just for this purpose.
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    Kravvitz, Thank you !

    I don't plan on printing many checks, so your suggestion is a good quick-fix.

    Didn't know that I could mod Firefox > File > Page Setup > Margins & Header/Footer to set URL and so on to -- blank --.

    .. a little bit of CSS & I'll be up & running.

    Thanks again!

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