i have a form.
a table resides in the form.
the table consists of 3 rows (a unique ID is assigned to each row) with a total cell count 3 (i.e., 1 cell per row).
one field resides in each cell.

above the table are three hyperlinks that control display of each row.

example drawing:
link1 link2 link3
|      | - row has id="row1"
|      | - row has id="row2"
|      | - row has id="row3"


link1 sets row2 & row3 display = none - row1 displays.
link2 sets row1 & row3 display = none - row2 displays.
link3 sets row1 & row2 display = none - row3 displays.

in NS6, clicking submit only sends fields that are in a visible row. is there a way around this?