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    I have adapted a javacript drop down on mouseover menu (it was one of those free codes) and have a couple of problems with it. I was wondering if anyone could take a look and see if they can see what's wrong. First to forewarn - I'm not proficient in scripts so it would have to be in "javascript for dummies" language!

    Here's the URL http://www.teampenning.net/index.html

    First in IE - when the page first loads, if you move the mouse before the page is finished loading, there is a javascript error that says "document.all.box is not an object". If you don't move the mouse at all the page loads with no errors. Either way, the script still works.

    Second in NN - The page usually loads with the top menu not showing at all, although it will appear if the mouse in run over it. THEN, the page does not always load completely, and the scroll bar is sometimes missing. Hitting reload a couple of times will sometimes correct the problem, sometimes not.

    Any help would be really appreciated! I like the menu, and hope I don't have to just get rid of it. Thanks in advance for any ideas.
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    My Version of NS (4.06) has no problems with your page menu although it does report an error in your hitbox code , which appears before the <!-- Menu Bar Item 0 -->1/3/4/etc - View source in NS and the bad bit will flash at you.

    In Explorer your error occurs as you are trying to access DIVs that have not yet been written (assuming you mouseover a link immediately upon entering the page).

    There are a couple of solutions the easiest being to move the <!-- Menu Bar Item 0 -->2/3/ etc to the top of your code ie:the first bit after the <body...> statement,
    ensuring that the divs are created before the 'onmouseovers' that generate the flips.

    I think that for your page that this would be sufficient , other options include hiding the whole page with another <div> and trigger its visibility at the end of an image preloading script, or even by document.writing(... the divs.

    But try just moving the divs first - this should accommodate all but the fastest dash with the mouse, I cant say for sure if NS will be happy with this 'cos NS is a bit cranky - but it will only take a couple of minutes to test it.


    Simon Wheeler
    FirePages -DHTML/PHP/MySQL
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    Thank you for the response. I'll try these suggestions. The one thing I can't figure out though - when I view source in Netscape (4.7), I don't see anything flashing out at me in the hit box code, actually no flashing at all. Could you point me in the direction of the bad code? Thanks again!

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