Hi there and thanks in advance for reading my plea -

On this page (http://www.wetpebble.com/services), I've set up a DHTML scrollbar on the right side of the page, and three rollover buttons on the opposite (left) side. What I'd like to do is to link to the right side DHTML from the left side HTML with rollover buttons. I know I can do this by having each topic be it's own layer but I was hoping for a faster, easier workaround.

What I was hoping to acheive was to put the textfor all three topics in one long layer, and to target specific parts of the list layer with named anchors. The named anchor thing didn't work. However, I was wondering, IS there a way to do to this? Am I on the right track? Am I making any sense?

Please let me know if I should clarify, and I'll try to be as detailed as you need me to be. Thanks again!!!!!