Hello All,

I need to have multiple JavaScripts windows with my database PHP script.

The idea is to have a main Page and links to pop-up JavaScript Windows to enter information on the database. Once these windows are closed the main PHP page need to be automaticaly updated.

The Database is a Report system that depends on 4 tables. One main table and 3 other tables that contain information for that report such as part number, procedures taken and repairs made. Each report can have none to several parts, none to several procedures and one to several repairs.

Once the user starts a new report a lot od stuff is add to the main table such as CustomerNo, ReportNo, ReportDate, etc. Then, the other three tables lists parts, procedures and repairs for a Report using the ReportNo as common field.

The help and advice I need consist of beeing able to call pop up windows with JavaScript from the main page to add Parts, Repairs and Procedures. Once the user finish adding stuff on a Pop Up window he would close it by clicking a link and the main Page of the Report would be reloaded to reflect the changes he did.

Can anyone help me with this task?

Thank you very much,

Carlos Fernando antunes@attglobal.net