I'm doing some dhtml with perl cgi. I"m having a problem with the page
created by the cgi.

Env: Netscape 4.6, PC using <LAYER>

On my 1st page I call a cgi script when the mouse goes over a Netscape
layer via the onFocus event handler.

The html page returned goes into a COPY mode that is when I move the
mouse over text; it gets highlighted and I can only get
out of it by clicking the mouse over the text and then I can move
normally over the text without highlighting or access a link etc.

Any ideas what the problem is. Its seems that that somehow the
javascript keeps the mouse in a down state via this call.

You can test it at http://www.bytesinteractive.com/testl.htm

The page is:
<script Language='JAVAScript'>
function MenuNav(){

var baseUrl = 'http://www.bytesinteractive.com/cgi-bin/rv9.cgi';

window.location.href = baseUrl;

return true;
</HEAD><BODY bgcolor="#FFEBCD" link="#00008B"><br><br><br><br>
<H1> TESTING 123 </H1>

<layer ID='I1' top='-10' bgColor='FFFFD0' left='55'


Many thanks if you can help me figure this one out.