I'm trying to pass several variables through a form. The basic function of the form is for a user fill out contact info and to select a document format for the request - upon selection, the rest of the form is automatically loaded . The problem is, if I fill in the field before selecting a format, the re-load deletes everything. I've tried hidden files with no luck and several other things as well. Any help getting the field values to hold while the rest of the form loads would be greatly appreciated. I've included a sample of the code - the original is much larger.

Thanks again.

if($OutputTypeID=="1") {
elseif ($OutputTypeID=="2"){
else {$include="./logo.inc";}


<script language="Javascript" TYPE="text/javascript">
function Gothere()
var ii=document.Index.OutputTypeID.selectedIndex;
var qid=document.Index.OutputTypeID.options[ii].value;
return true;


<body onLoad="this.document.Index.Requestor.focus()">
<form method="get" action="test1.phtml" name="Index">

<table border="0">
<td><input type="text" name="Requestor" size="51" value="<?echo "$Requestor"?>">
<select name="OutputTypeID" onChange="Gothere()" size="1">
<option value="none">Select type
<option value="none">-------------------------------&nbsp;
<option value="./test1.phtml?OutputTypeID=1" <?if($OutputTypeID=='1'):?>selected<?endif?>>Drawing</option>
<option value="./test1.phtml?OutputTypeID=2" <?if($OutputTypeID=='2'):?>selected<?endif?>>Map</option>