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    Netscape and JavaScript Question

    I am calling a subwindow with the following code:

    <a href=\"javascript:subWin=window.open('pagename.php?var=".$vars."','ContactDetail','width=750,height= 600,left=30,top=30,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,menubar=yes,status'); subWin.focus();\"> ".$var."</a>

    But it will not open in Mozilla1.0 or Netscape. It opens fine in IE 5.5.

    Any suggestions

    Scott Orton
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    [windowVar = ][window].open("URL", "windowName", ["windowFeatures"])
    windowVar is the name of a new window. Use this variable when referring to a window's properties, methods, and containership.
    URL specifies the URL to open in the new window. See the location object for a description of the URL components.

    windowName is the window name to use in the TARGET attribute of a FORM or <A> tag. windowName can contain only alphanumeric or underscore (_) characters.

    windowFeatures is a comma-separated list of any of the following options and values:

    toolbar[=yes|no]|[=1|0] location[=yes|no]|[=1|0] directories[=yes|no]|[=1|0] status[=yes|no]|[=1|0] menubar[=yes|no]|[=1|0] scrollbars[=yes|no]|[=1|0] resizable[=yes|no]|[=1|0] width=pixels height=pixels
    You may use any subset of these options. Separate options with a comma. Do not put spaces between the options. The windowFeatures are:

    toolbar creates the standard Navigator toolbar, with buttons such as Back and Forward, if true.
    location creates a Location entry field, if true.
    directories creates the standard Navigator directory buttons, such as What's New and What's Cool, if true.
    status creates the status bar at the bottom of the window, if true.
    menubar creates the menu at the top of the window, if true.
    scrollbars creates horizontal and vertical scrollbars when the document grows larger than the window dimensions, if true.
    resizable allows a user to resize the window, if true.
    width specifies the width of the window in pixels.
    height specifies the height of the window in pixels.

    Go to this URL to read more detail:


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    Julia Pavlova
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