We need to get interface scripts running seamlessly in a range of browsers and we don't have time to sort out the problems ourselves. So we need to find a javascript/dhtml developer who has initimate(!) knowledge of the Navigator 4.x DOM -- we need the scripts to work in IE 4 too, but NN seems to be the problem.

Our actual requirement is for dhtml/javascript functions to work in
NN4.*, IE4 and above, handling client-side control of menus and layers
on an envelope site (fixed size) that is centered in the window area.

Requirements are:
1) Centering of the 'envelope' within the browser window in NN4.*
2) Dropdown (layered) menus. These must be positioned with pixel perfect
3) A scrollable area for the content using layers (no iframe).

Note: The above must work even if the browser window is resized
(refreshing of the page may be used as last option, only in NN4). Coding
should be as concise as possible allowing faster download time of the
page. There is already an envelope html structure in place.

Possibly 1-2 days work, required immediately. Anyone help or can suggest where we can find help?