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    I'm up aginst a newZilla problem and struggling to get Netscape 6 methodology. Basically I need to change and image in a DIV element "layer" in IE, NS4, AND NS6.Here's a fragment that works for NS4 and IE 4,5, but fails in NS6 on the thisLayer.document call in the change_Image function with an "thisLayer.document has no properties" error msg. I've tried fooling with the thisLayer syntax and some of the new Child methods, but with no luck. I suppose I just don't get the syntax or method idea. Anyone got a clue?

    thisLayer = "undefined";
    var newImage = new Image();
    newImage = "newImage.jpg";

    function change_image() {
    //here's where the NS6 code fails...

    <div id="image1">
    <script language=javascript>
    document.write("<img src="oldImage.jpg" name="myImage" width="320" height="240" vspace="0">");

    if (ns4)
    lf1 = parent.document.layers["image1"];
    if (ie4) {
    lf1 = parent.document.all["image1"];
    if (ns6){
    lf1 = parent.document.getElementById("image1");
    thisLayer = lf1;
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    I had this exact problem yesterday, NOw I am no expert in DHTML but I came up with this code which works beautifully in all three browsers (ie4+, ns4, ns6)

    function changeImage(layer,imgName,imgObj) {
    if (document.images) {
    if (n && layer!=null) {
    eval('document.'+layer+'.document.images["'+imgName+'"].src = '+imgObj+'.src')
    else {
    document.images[imgName].src = eval(imgObj+".src")

    Sample usage

    <div id="nav1">
    <a href="#" onMouseOver="changeImage('nav1','sub1','sub1_on'); " onMouseOut="changeImage('nav1','sub1','sub1_off');"><img src="images/sub1_off.gif" width="60" height="20" name="sub1" border="0" alt="Sub1" hspace="0" vspace="0"></a></div>

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