i created a webpage with a receipt functionality. When someone choose a product i create a receipt instantaneously on the page with javascript.

sBestelURL = "<a href='#'" & " onClick=""" & "Bestel('" & replace(rsResult.Fields("Code_"),"'","\'") & "','" & replace(rsResult.Fields("Product_Name"),"'","\'") & "','" & rsResult.Fields("Price") & "')""" & ">b</a>"

This is the ASP code for the calling function. a lot of " but i says order this product with this price. The javascript look this :

function Bestel(code, omschrijving, prijs)

var KassaHTML;
var hiddenHTML;
var i=0;
var total=0;

if (code != null)
arrCode[arrCode.length] = code
arrOms[arrOms.length] = omschrijving
arrPrijs[arrPrijs.length] = prijs

KassaHTML = ' <table width="185" border="0" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="0" style="background-color:lemonchiffon;border-bottom:1px silver solid;border-top:1px silver solid;border-left:1px silver solid;border-right:1px silver solid;">'

while (i < arrCode.length)
KassaHTML += '<tr>'
KassaHTML += '<td width="10">&nbsp;</td>'
KassaHTML += '<td width="70" align="left" valign="top">' + arrCode[i] + '</td>'
KassaHTML += '<td width="25" align="left" valign="top"><a href="#"' + ' onClick=' + '"Wis(' + i +')"' + '>w</a></td>'
KassaHTML += '<td width="70" align="right">&euro; ' + arrPrijs[i] + '</td>'
KassaHTML += '<td width="10">&nbsp;</td>'
KassaHTML += '</tr style="border-bottom:1px silver solid;">'
total += parseFloat(arrPrijs[i])
KassaHTML += '<tr > '
KassaHTML += '<td colspan="3"><div align="right">Totaal : </div></td>'
KassaHTML += ' <td align="right"> &euro; ' + total + '</td>'
KassaHTML += '<td>&nbsp;</td>'
KassaHTML += '</tr>'
KassaHTML += '</table>'

document.all["kassabon"].innerHTML = KassaHTML


THE PROBLEM : This works fine for one page but if someone decides to choose another product in an other group (another link) than, off course, the javascript is gone.

The idea is using a hidden form with contains all the data from the receipt. When some one chooses another link the menu a javascript function is called and a


is executed. In the other page i want to 'catch' the hidden fields with a request("..."). This doesn't work the way i trying to solve.

When i create a button of type sybmit in the hidden form it works but offcourse this is not what i want.

I want that when someone pushes a link (any) a submit of the hidden form has to be done with a javascript function. Perhaps i don't have written the submit() right?! I'm not a javascript guy....Help...