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    Question What about Javascript Questions

    Hi All,
    I dont know if I should post my question here or not but, since every other language is discussed I wanted to know if we can ask Javascript questions...

    I have a good question!

    I might as well submit my question just in case

    I have been working on this BIG form, and I need to know if I can use a Loop to assing values ... etc

    This is original working form which recursively strips out values
    from a file field and gets the file name, next it stores the values to
    another form

    function doUpdateSubmit()

    var _fullPath1 = document.frmFiles.FILE1.value;
    var _fullPath2 = document.frmFiles.FILE2.value;
    var _fullPath3 = document.frmFiles.FILE3.value;
    var _fullPath4 = document.frmFiles.FILE4.value;
    var _fullPath5 = document.frmFiles.FILE5.value;
    var _fullPath6 = document.frmFiles.FILE6.value;
    var _fullPath7 = document.frmFiles.FILE7.value;
    var _fullPath8 = document.frmFiles.FILE8.value;

    var _new_filename1 = _fullPath1.lastIndexOf("\\");
    var _fileName1 = _fullPath1.substring( _new_filename1+1, _fullPath1.length);

    var _new_filename2 = _fullPath2.lastIndexOf("\\");
    var _fileName2 = _fullPath2.substring( _new_filename2+1, _fullPath2.length);

    var _new_filename3 = _fullPath3.lastIndexOf("\\");
    var _fileName3 = _fullPath3.substring( _new_filename3+1, _fullPath3.length);

    var _new_filename4 = _fullPath4.lastIndexOf("\\");
    var _fileName4 = _fullPath4.substring( _new_filename4+1, _fullPath4.length);

    var _new_filename5 = _fullPath5.lastIndexOf("\\");
    var _fileName5 = _fullPath5.substring( _new_filename5+1, _fullPath5.length);

    var _new_filename6 = _fullPath6.lastIndexOf("\\");
    var _fileName6 = _fullPath6.substring( _new_filename6+1, _fullPath6.length);

    var _new_filename7 = _fullPath7.lastIndexOf("\\");
    var _fileName7 = _fullPath7.substring( _new_filename7+1, _fullPath7.length);

    var _new_filename8 = _fullPath8.lastIndexOf("\\");
    var _fileName8 = _fullPath8.substring( _new_filename8+1, _fullPath8.length);

    //Assign values to Allot of stuff for submittion to database
    document.frmUpdateAll.itemimage1.value = _fileName1;
    document.frmUpdateAll.itemimage2.value = _fileName2;
    document.frmUpdateAll.itemimage3.value = _fileName3;
    document.frmUpdateAll.itemimage4.value = _fileName4;
    document.frmUpdateAll.itemimage5.value = _fileName5;
    document.frmUpdateAll.itemimage6.value = _fileName6;
    document.frmUpdateAll.productFile.value = _fileName7;
    document.frmUpdateAll.prodImage.value = _fileName8;


    I want to change it to something like this..... I may not be using the correct method to do this....

    This is not working

    function dothis()

    var _usrID = document.frmAdd.usrID.value;

    var FILE = new Array("FILE1","FILE2","FILE3","FILE4","FILE5","FILE6");
    var image = new Array();
    var _fileName = new Array();
    var _fullPath = new Array();
    var _new_filename = new Array();
    var a=0;

    for (var i=1; i<6; i++)

    /************* Just some tests
    alert ( i );
    alert (FILE[a]);
    var dod = FILE[a];
    var aa = "document.frmAdd.";
    var bb = ".value";
    var cc = "document.frmData.";
    var test = aa+FILE[a]+bb;
    alert (test);

    alert (a);
    _fullPath[a] = document.frmAdd.FILE[a].value;

    alert (_fullPath[a]);

    //Stripping filename
    _new_filename[a] = _fullPath[a].lastIndexOf("\\");
    _fileName[a] = _fullPath[a].substring( _new_filename[a]+1, _fullPath[a].length);

    alert (_fileName[a]);

    //Assign values to Allot of stuff for submittion to database

    document.frmData.image[a].value = _fileName[a];


    I am submitting these two forms to two different places, the original form uploads the files using CGI script and once I have the filenames using this function I assign those file names to another form and submit that to write to the database.

    Any Help in this is appreciated.... This would be a learning curve for me...
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  3. Thanks Johnny Hart (BC) R.I.P.

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    Move down the forum list to client side fora. There you will find the CSS, Javascript forum


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