I have a list of categries that are filled from a database. I am using a text link to go to a diffenent directory and i want to pass some session variables thru to the other pages.

currently i have tried this and it works fine, except the session variables always end up with the last category values.

<a href = "<%=getCat("subCategoryID")%>/<% session("subCatId")=getCat("SubCategoryId")%><% session("subCatDesc")=getCat("SubCategoryDesc")%>" ><%=getCat("subCategoryDesc")%></a> </td>

so every catalog link has the session values of the last category in the table.

When i try to use the onclick() i get errors and am not to familiar with javascript. I was trying to use the Onclick to trigger the session variable to update only when the link is clicked.

also i had some poor attems to make a javascript function and pass back the sesson commands in text and see it would set the variables but it did not work

Is there another option to accomplish this