hi, im trying to build a dhtml menu(i think it qualifies as dhtml anyway). and it basically works. but i was trying to go for a cooler looking way of having the menu "drop down". as it is it just shows up b/c there is nothing slowing down my for loop. so it just does it instantly. i tried using setTimeout but it doesnt seem to want to pass the variable from the loop to the setTimeout thing.

is there anyway to slow down the loops???
heres the code that shows the menu list.

function mov(vm){
	var vartop = 29;
	for(var v1 = 0; v1 < AMenu[vm].length; v1++){
		for(var v2 = v1; v2 <AMenu[vm].length; v2++){
		vartop = vartop + 29;
the array has all the menu div names in it.

i want it to pause for 1/2 a second or so every time it goes through the first loop.

is there anyway to do that?