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    Jquery Alternative.

    Hi guys.
    I liked jquery very much specially it helps you to select the elements by using css selectors.

    but in my projects i am using the jquery only for selecting the elements and only its couple methods(2 or 3) are worth to me.
    I think its useless to put a 16 KB file on your page if you are using only its .val() method for getting the value of HTML elements. Does any one knows any jquery plugin or any open souorce js which provides me the elements object when i invoke it using css selector , For example
    #('#txtTD')-> this will give me the object
    #('#txtTD').value -> will give me the value of object.

    i googled around but only found this.

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    If you're really that worried about the size (16kb is not tiny, but it's really not that big either), why not take the jQuery code and remove the parts that you don't need and leave only the parts that you do? That will give you the functionality that you want, along with the smallest possible file size.
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    If you want to get the value of an input element with an id, why not use plain javascript? document.getElementById('txtTD').value ...
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    Try using Sizzle JS. It's actually the sector engine that jQuery uses.

    Originally Posted by Catacaustic
    why not take the jQuery code and remove the parts that you don't need and leave only the parts that you do?
    Easier said than done.
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    Setup your pages to download jQuery minimized from Google's content distribution system. For most of your users, it will be cached, as lots of software is built on jQuery, so you can just use the copy loaded for some other Web 2.0 site. Zero download for your application.

    It becomes a "once only" cost that may only have to happen a couple of times a year. That's trivial.

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