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    I am new to the whole Internet development field (have been a programmer for 12 years now though) and I was wondering if someone can tell me the differences (if any) and recommend what to use.

    Can JavaScripts be executed on my pc or do I have to install it on the server? (as I understand it, with CGI/Perl I have to install my script on the server in order for it to work.

    Any help will be welcomed.

    Meirav Morse
    SoftNet Corp.
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    javascript is running on the client side (so from the visitor's pc). where cgi-scripts run from the server side. advantage is that you don't need to have cgi-access, or knowledge of "complicated" languages like perl. disadvantage is that it is browser-dependent (where cgi-scripts are not, since they run on the server). older browsers may not support javascript, and in newer browsers you can simply turn off javascript-support.

    what sort of scripts you should use depends on the perpose.. some things simply cannot be done with cgi-scripts, other things cannot be done with javascript.

    for cgi-scripts i'd go for the Perl language, it's a completely idiot language (that was my first impression, i was used to c++ programming) but it's not THAT hard to learn once you get the basics. if you've been coding c/c++ or some familiar language, you won't have much troubles learning javascript, there are tutors available all over the net.
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    What type of web server are you using? (Apache, Enterprise Application Server, etc.)

    A simpler and faster alternative to CGI scripting would be PHP ( http://www.php.net )

    PHP can run as a module of Apache. Therefore, it is part of the same process as the http-server; whereas with CGI, it's a bit slower because your Perl scripts run as a separate process. PHP is also easier syntactically.

    If you're using a web server like Netscape's, you can use JavaScript for the server-side scripting as well as the client-side.

    For an example of PHP scripting:

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