I'm currently creating an AJAX shoutbox using JavaScript and PHP. I was wondering what's the best way to build it.

I was thinking of storing a last shout ID in JavaScript and use it in the AJAX request to the PHP file:


If it is the last message then the PHP file would output nothing.
Otherwise if there were 23 shouts stored on the server for example, it would output the following XML:

xml Code:

Then in the JavaScript I would need to retrieve this data and add it to the shoutbox.
I would also need to remove the oldest two messages in the shoutbox because I want a certain number of shouts in the shoutbox at once.

Is this a good way to do it or is there a better/more efficient way of doing it?

If this is a good way I would like some help on writing the JavaScript code for it, especially removing the old messages from the shoutbox after adding new ones.

Thanks so much for you help.