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    Submitting form via Ajax and PHP


    I'm trying to accomplish the following:

    1. Show login form in a jQuery lightbox
    2. Use Ajax to send request to PHP script to check if user exists in database -- I'll only need to check for user's email address
    3. If user exists show welcome message then redirect to the welcome page
    4. If user doesn't exist then show registration form in the same lightbox
    5. Again use Ajax/PHP to collect user registration data and save data to mySQL database, display thanks for registering message then redirect to welcome page


    First, here's my php code to connect to database and do a mySQL select of the email field.

    PHP Code:
    //connect to db
    $db mysql_connect("localhost""dbuser""dbpw"); 
    $db) { 
    $select_db mysql_select_db("dbname"); 
    $select_db) { 

    //get post data from ajax
    $email mysql_real_escape_string((string)$_POST['email']);

    $query mysql_query("SELECT `email` FROM `tblname` WHERE `email` = '$email' LIMIT 1");
    $rows mysql_num_rows($query);

    $rows  <= 0){
    // user doesn't exist show registration form
        // then insert user inputted data into database
       //$query = mysql_query("INSERT INTO `tblname` (`fname` ,`lname` ,`email`) VALUES ('$fname', '$lname', '$email')");

    // at least one row has been found
    header("Location: welcome.html");

    Here's the AJAX:

    var datastring = '&email='+ email;
    	type: "POST", 
    	url: "login.php",
    	data: datastring, 
    	success: function(responseText) {
    	if(responseText == 1) { 
    		//email exists in db
                   //display welcome message then redirect to welcome page				
           error: function(responseText) {
    	if(responseText == 0) { 
    		//email doesn't exist in db so show registration form						
    What's working so far:
    - Email validation
    - Redirects user to the welcome page if email exists in database

    Where I'm lost:

    - Need to show login success message before redirecting to welcome page
    - Need to display registration form if email doesn't exist in database then show thanks for registering message then redirect to welcome page

    I would like to display both login and registration forms inside a jQuery lightbox. I would imagine the need for AJAX callbacks but I'm not sure.

    Please can anyone help? Thank you.
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    You're on the right track.
    Some tips:

    - In the 'else' statement of your PHP code you're redirecting to another page. While in the JavaScript part you expect the PHP code to return 1. So try to empty the 'else' statement and put a command that returns 1 instead.
    ( This also applies to the if statement returning 0 )
    PHP Code:
    else { echo 1;} 
    - Try to alert the responseText once. So you know what the AJAX returns if the email exist and when not.

    - You might want to save the data so you don't have to ask on each page for the login data. Google for 'PHP sessions' ( If you have questions about this feel free to ask. )

    - To display a success message you will need to change an elements display with JavaScript ( when the PHP returns 1 ).
    And after that redirect to the welcome page.
    This is all very easy to do with JavaScript.


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