Hi guys,
I am new to JS, is there any property to dynamically scale the element in js(like scaleX and scaleY in action script).

My Scenario:
I want to keep on scaling a image continously in js, for certain amount of time. I am trying to zoom a cricket ball coming towards batsman(front View).

Tried all this below in setInterval() method
noting worked(offocourse this jquery)...is there any way in js or jquery, plugin support to do this, anything is welcome.

$("#ball").effect('scale', {percent:125}, 1000);
$("#ball").style["-webkit-transform-origin"] = "50% 50%";
$("#ball").style["-webkit-transform"] = "scale(2.5)";
$("#ball").style.top = 500;
$("#ball").style.top += 5;
$("#ball").style.width += 0.5;
$("#ball").style.height += 0.5;

Need help to achieve this task....