This is not an ASP.NET question, and I know what I'm trying to do can easily be accomplished using a .NET framework. My company has a win32 app built in PowerBuilder that runs learning e-content (LMS). We are using a Microsoft IE OLE Browser control to launch the content. There is JScript running on the page that needs to communicate with the hosting application.

I know that due to the single-threaded nature of JScript that this is damn near impossible. There is no window.external function like in ASP.NET. However, I have figured out how to call functions and set variables in JScript from the hosting application. The problem lies in getting the JScript to be able to communicate the other way.

I have tested many ideas, the last one being using AJAX to read/write from an external file that the hosting application and Jscript would share. The problem with this is that I get an "Permission Denied" error due to the OLE Browser control's security settings (which I don't know how to change).

I understand that I could use a webservice (which is what I've done in the past), but we are trying to steer away from that at the moment.

Ultimately I will be trying to get all of the information up front into the JScript from the hosting application; then everything will be encapsulated while the page is running. But of course time is an issue.


Thank you,