Hey there,

My apologies if this is posted in the incorrect section, but I am looking for a programmer whos capable of creating a script that performs this function:

1. Accesses URL
2. Logs into URL with credentials
3. Script must make a request to the server which changes the value of a text field, and sends the request to set the credential to the account (For example changing the email address associated with an account).
4. Once the credential has been set, the script is successful. If the credential has not successfully been set, the script must loop the activity until it is successful.

Please note that this request has no malicious intent whatsoever and is used scritly for personal use.

For futher details and information contact me on skype: DeeJayPeaches
Or pm me on site.

I have had this program completed in similar languages, and they have taken around 30-40 minutes to write at an intermediate programming level.