I am trying to create a matrix table. The values to be plugged into the matrix will be user input from an html table (basically a unique pairing table which pairs two elements at a time and for each pair a user can select which he prefers and by how much it is prefered on a scale of 1-9 using radio buttons). it is the preferences i.e. 1-9 that gets plugged into the matrix table and the number of unique pairing that detemines the lenght of the matrix.

The problem is now i want to get the values of clicked radios into the matix. I know how to get it but just don't know how to fit it into the matrix. Here is the code I have for now, pls ask me questions if needed thanks:

var tableLenght = new Array();
var counter = 0;
$("#riskForm tr").each(function(){
//ignores the header of the table (the title)
if(counter >=1){

// get unique attributes of in our table
var uniqueList = new Array();
//push first element onto list
uniqueList.push(tableLenght[0]); //pushes current elem onto the array
var cur = tableLenght[0]; //sets first element by default
for(var i = 1; i < tableLenght.length; i++){ //loops through the whole lenght of our array
if(cur != tableLenght[i]){//checks if the current is not same as the next one
cur = tableLenght[i]; //sets the new elemt
uniqueList.push(tableLenght[i]); //pushes onto the array
alert(uniqueList); //alerts only the unique table rows in the tableLenght array
var myArray = new Array(uniqueList);

for (var i = 0; i < uniqueList; i++) {
myArray[i] = new Array(uniqueList);
for (var j = 0; j < uniqueList; j++) {
myArray[i][j] = '';

//to show/get the values of selected radio buttons
function showValues() {
var fields = $( ":input").serializeArray();
$( "#results" ).empty();
jQuery.each( fields, function( i, field ) {
$( "#results" ).append( field.value + " " );

$( ":checkbox, :radio" ).click( showValues );
$('#display').click(function (n) {

Your help is much appreciated!