I've had a bit play with JavaScript drag and drop and I've gotten my head around how to load files within the (client-side) script.. how to identify the names of the files that have been drag/dropped etc.. but how do I take all of these files and 'post' them to the my web server?

Can JavaScript alone do this or do I need some other 'glue' technology to do this?

My web server is CocoaHTTP, running on my iPhone.

I'm not very familiar with web development - I'm mainly an application developer so this is all rather new to me.

Ideally I would like to launch uploads asynchronously and get some sort of progress (percentage) feedback. I've seen this done with the iPhone/Android VLC media player and sites such as MediaFire.com when uploading files.

I would really appreciate it if somebody can point me in the right direction for which technology to use or better still, a suitable tutorial or example. I've been Googling for solutions for days but I'm not finding anything helpful - only more questions arise.