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    Exclamation Promises and Fetch API problem

    I'm trying hard to get this api to work but somehow I am missing something. The idea is to provide one fetch api library for the whole site, so that I don't need to rewrite or copy the same few lines of code all over the place but I am having problems at the final stage, returning data. I only end up with a pending Promise, despite using async functions.

    The API is called here:
    import APIFetch from '../lib/Fetch';
    var f = APIFetch().get("/stats/all_categories")
    And this is the API itself:
    const APIPath = "http://localhost:4000"
    var APIHeaders = {
        "Accept": "appilication/json; charset=utf-8",
        "Content-Type": "application/json"
    class APICall {
        constructor(path, headers) {
            this.path = path
            this.headers = headers
            this.request = new Request(path, headers: headers)
        async _fetch(r) {
            return await fetch(r).then(function(res) {
                if(res.ok == false) {
                    throw new Error(res.status + " " + res.statusText)
                return res.json()
            }).then(function(data) {
                return data
            }).catch(function(err) {
        _genPath(path) {
            return this.path + path
        async get(path, r) {
            const value = await this._fetch(new Request(this._genPath(path), {
                method: "GET",
                headers: this.headers
            return value
        post(path, body = {}) {
            return this._fetch(new Request(this._genPath(path), {
                method: "POST",
                body: JSON.stringify(body),
                headers: this.headers
    export default function APIFetch(path = APIPath) {
        return new APICall(path, new Headers(APIHeaders))
    The console.log() in the get() method works fine. But the console.log(f) in the end only shows a still pending Promise, although I would expect that to be the final data, retrieved through the API. Can anyone spot what am I doing wrong?
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    I'm not familiar with that type of code, but some googling of the async/await keywords suggests that you need to use await when calling the get function.

    var f = await APIFetch().get("/stats/all_categories")
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    Why don't you simply use some Promise based client such as Axios ?

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