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    JS frameworks preferences

    Jquery vs. Angular vs. MooTools, any preferences?
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    jQuery good to have and makes certain things easier, many things use it or something like it as a base.

    Angular is ok. It uses jQuery (or a jQuery-like helper) as a foundation and adds a bunch of stuff on top to make single-page application development easier. Figuring out the angular way is a bit of a learning curve. I've been using it for one project for a year or so and still find some bits of it to be weird or hard to understand.

    Never used MooTools.

    In general I usually just use jQuery and various plugins/extensions as needed since most of my work still involves separate pages. Angular is kind of designed for loading one page then doing everything else via XHR requests and DOM manipulation.

    It all kind of depends on a lot on what exactly you're trying to build on what works best.
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    I use jQuery, except for small projects where I don't use any library.

    IMO, Angular is being misused on many websites. So many people seem not to understand the distinctions between a web site and a web app. I admit it's not easy to explain, but a typical site with information about a company's products, a blog and a contact page, is not a web app. A web app may be expected to require JS be enabled, while a web site must not.

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