I can get around it two ways.
1. I can remove ldap from the hosts line in nsswitch.conf
2. I can comment out the line below in /etc/devfsd.conf
# Uncomment this to let PAM manage devfs
#REGISTER .* CFUNCTION /lib/security/pam_console_apply_devfsd.so pam_console_apply_single $devpath

I have no real idea of the implications of doing 2 above though, other than that pam will no longer manage devfsd. I would much rather know WHY it is happening.

When the hosts line in nsswitch.conf is set to "files ldap" and the line in /etc/devfsd.conf is not commented, I can use "getent" to see all the hosts in the ldap db without any apparent trouble. The problem comes when I restart and devfsd locks causeing startup process to cease it's progression unless I ctrl-C the devfsd init.d script. Of course, then I've royally messed up devfsd.

Anyway, I think this is definately a pam_ldap/nss_ldap issue. I could seriously use some tips on how to debug or fix.

Jim C.