Hi evreyone ,
Hope that you can help me ,
I'm using Sun One ldap server running,
but i for some reason i don't succeed to add new users from cli
Here is an example of my test.ldif file
BezeqIntSitesFinOps: false
BezeqIntSitesPersonalID: 123
BezeqIntSitesRole: PORTAL:ADMIN
BezeqIntSitesUID:<EMail address>
BezeqIntSitesUserStatus: Active
mail:<EMail address>
userPassword:: e3NoYX1XNnBoNU1tNVB6OEdnaVVMYlBnekczN21qOWc9
objectClass: bezeqintsitesuser

i trying to add user with ldapadd command but, any suggestions for how to command should be ?