I am trying to fetch users from an ldap server (MS-EXCHANGE).
There are two domains, let us say d1 and d2. I have specified a base dn, bind dn (both belong to domain d1) and group filter which fetch me a group, let us say group1.

Now I am reading attributes of group1, particularly 'member' attributes, to get dn of all the users. Then using each dn, I am searching the users. The problem is that I am able to search the users under domain d1 but not under domain d2. Debugging the program showed that the search returns error code 91 for the users in domain d2. Please note that the bind dn has bind permission on both the domains.

I am new to ldap programming and even after debugging the program, I am not able to find the exact reason for this issue.

Please let me know how I should investigate further.

Rajesh Agroya