I am using MicroStrategy(BI App) and I have security applied using LDAP groups. My issue is in the current configuration it imports all LDAP users in the company. What I am trying to do is only allow users who belong to certain groups access.

Right now the User search filter(pic below) is defined as:
(&(objectclass=Person) (uid=#LDAP_LOGIN#))

and the Group search filter is defined as;

I need to define a way to make sure that only users who are in certain groups can gain access. As of right now anyone in the company can get in with LDAP credentials. I assume I will require to add a new condition to the user filter, something like (memberOf=ou=<<GROUP>>)) .

Here is an example of a group that I would be importing. MSTRMerchWebProfessional is the common name. Examples of members are below as well