I'm looking into developing a completely OSS School System.

I was hoping to integrate user-credentials, email, MIS, VLE.

Basically, have every system inter-related with another, so there is no duplication, and using one central system, allows access to all data.

Is this a good idea?

Basically, i'm hoping to achieve a system where i could write software, which can access any information, based on any details.


  • a new student comes to the school, the admin staff add him to their MIS, from the information added, the student also has a username created for all systems, because all the systems use the same details.
  • a student's surname changes, the admin staff edit her surname through the MIS, the students details change on all systems.

Network Admin:
  • a student mis-behaves and is banned from the network, banning the students user account, bans access to the entire system/software.
  • a student forgets his password, editing the students password, updates the password in every system.

My understanding of managing this, would be to have a completely central system, all data in one database, with different software accessing the same data.

What do you think?

Like I said in the title, i haven't any experience in this sort of area, hence why i'm asking for peoples ideas.

Is LDAP the right database system for this sort of a task?

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Should i have seperate databases for the different systems, and they're all inter-linked, or should i have one big database, with all the different systems spread out in normalised into different tables?

What sort of file system should i use? I know oracle has a database file system, is this the best FS for databases? Or is it only compatible with oracle software?

Thanks for any constructive feedback.

Matthew Millar