Hello all,

I have a scenario in which LDAP client has to synchronize with LDAP server.The synchronization process is implemented using LCUP protocol (RFC 3928). The whole LDAP implementation is done using C LDAP SDK.

The basic doubt I got is whether my understanding is correct as the desired result is not obtained.

------My Understanding is as follows:--------

1) The first time the client sends a NULL cookie so that Server sends all the data with the updated cookie.I store the cookie value in the database plus the results.

2) The next time synchronization has to be done (may be after 1/2 hour), I take the previous cookie and give a search.This time I expect server to return the changes after the last search and new updated cookie.Again I store data and update the cookie in the Database.

3) Like that I'll continue synchronizing the LDAP client and LDAP server.Here the LDAP server returned details to the client is stored in the Database.

4) Everytime the client synchronize with the LDAP server, client makes a connect,then bind and then issue a search with server controls (saying DIRSYNC) set. After the result is parsed through the datas are updated and cookie is stored and then connection is unbind.For each synchronization new LDAP session is started.


Is my understanding correct to implement the above functionality? I'll appreciate very much if somebody can help me in this regard.

Thanks in advance

- Jose