Hi All

I am using ldapsearch command with other languagues(eg. Chinese) in the filter attribute. Its not working.

I have seen an option '-i ' in ldapsearch command reference, which specifies the character set to use for command-line input. The default is the character set specified in the LANG environment variable. We might want to use this option to perform the conversion from the specified character set to UTF8, thus overriding the environment variable setting.

For example, -i no indicates that the bind DN, base DN, and search filter are provided in Norwegian.

When i tried to use this command in command promt, i am getting an error ' invalid option -- i '. Even in ldapsearch --help option not showing '-i' option.

Please anyone help, why i am not able to use '-i ' option? Is this options is working? Do i really need to use this option for other character sets?