This is a problem I'm running into using the netscape.ldap.util.LDIF class that comes in the ldapjdk.jar from Sun. I'm trying to have this class read in an LDIF file that uses dashes to separate two attribute modifications to the same entry. Here is an example:

dn: cn=me,ou=Bogus
changetype: modify
replace: mail
mail: bogus@bogus.com
replace: title
title: CEO
replace: telephoneNumber
telephoneNumber: +1 703-687-5309

However, the LDIF class can't interpret this, even though this is part of the LDIF RFC. The LDIF class wants those 'dashes' to be DNs..basically, it is not associating the next mod with the already provided DN. Anybody run into this or have any ideas on how to get around it (without having to specify a dn for each mod)?