maybe one of you is familiar with freeradius using ldap. I'm yet quite a rookie as to ldap. I want to auth. users (for this example "user1) which belong to a certain group (test):


dn: cn=test,ou=Groups,dc=mydomain, dc=at
objectClass: GroupOfUniqueNames
objectClass: top
cn: test
uniquemember: uid=user1
description: testgroup

but i dont get it to work. can someone tell my want i need to notice, edit or set in the radiusd.conf to get this working?
(think it will be 2-3 entries to change)

normal auth. without groups works fine.

please, please help me with that - i despair of freeradius w. ldap tried already so much. you are my last hope.

sorry for my bad english - i am from austria - tried my best