Good morning everyone. I'm in a tough spot and could really use some help. This is very basic stuff, but for some reason I can't figure it out...

I'm testing an authentication module that is being constructed for a client. Part of the module is a NDS authentication class. My development environment does not have a NetWare backbone, so I've created a test account at Novell's test site:

This is what I created:

Surname: chris
NDS Container Name: ContainerForChris
NDS User Name: admin
Password: <pass>
Retype Password: <pass>

This is what Novell responded with:

Server NDS Name:
Server IP Address:
NDS Login Context: admin.ContainerForChris.user.novell
NDS User Directory: vol1:user\ContainerForChris

Is there anyone out there who can tell me what the LDAP Query is that will let me bind to this directory using the username and password for the account?

I really appreciate the help. Thank you.