Hi, well this si the situation

I implemented Liferay in a company, and it got a feature to use LDAP, so Liferay gets the users from LDAP and stores them on its own DB

Now, that company got an Oracle DB which they use for their own ERP software, which got its own table for the users

They want the information on LDAP not to match but to be related to the information on their ERP table, I added an ERPuser and ERPpw attributes on LDAP and all good, but we can't control changes automatically, I need to get mailed the user/pw change and do it manually on LDAP

This information is important, because on Liferay I have portlets that write directly on the ERP tables, but requiere the ERP user info, not the Liferay user info

The ERP is too old to be updated to use LDAP, there is a way to make the Oracle DB execute a trigger to update the user on LDAP?