Hi there, i have few web based apps that are using LDAP for authentication, storing and using some data (e.g. device configuration template, but the values for this template are stored in RDB, access lists, hierarchical organizational structures, etc...).

I'm very new to linux and ldap (we have it running on linux).
So i have this requirement that came from smart guys to use LDAP, however they have very few understanding of LDAP and can not answer my questions

1. Is it a good idea to use LDAP as a storage for data that will be referenced alot from RDBs, some times we have duplicated entity in DB as well as in LDAP and inside other entities in LDAP.
2. Is there a way to store like a GUID (for a reference) in all objects (we are using like 6 different object classes) in the LDAP, as we have multiple RDBs that uses objects from LDAP (not only users) and currently using DN names as a reference, but it doesn't suit as DN might change. Consider please fast search by this GUID will be required.

Sorry for mysterious description