I have been trying for about 3 weeks to get my bind DNS to work here is my situation:

DSL router ----> Router ------->Hub ------> various computers with various operating systems but the one I am worried about is my Linux box.

Linux box:
Redhat 7.2
Bind 9
Apache 1.3.20

The problem I am having is that I have a domian www.jkcool.com and I had them point ns1.jkcool.com to (my Ip address). I can't get my bind to resolve the domain name. and here is the problem I think. Well I have apache and bind on the same machine and I have a fake ip address on the linux box and I have all the ports forwarded to that. I can access the sight by typing in ns1.jkcool.com but I can't get that thing to resolve by just typing in jkcool.com in my web browser. Can someone take the time and show me how to do it? I can't have a real Ip address to the box either.