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    Compiling Practice

    The title says it all,

    can you suggest some simple, small programs whose source I can download to try and compile it myself? i am talking about that make make install and things like that....

    I tried GTK 2.0 > which was a failure
    I tried mysql-server > failure

    so i want something that is simple and easy to start out with...
    If you can suggest a tutorial that would be nice....
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    I recommend you read about make, and file permissions, the PATH, LD_LIBRARY_PATH variables, and exporting variables, and investigate how to run a command from the unix shell. My techniques are so antiquated I don't even know about programs like automake or libtool.

    Run a command from shell is documented in the shell man page, which is rather long, (at least, the bash man page is long). Anyway, I meant this by "how to run a command":

    The environment for any simple command or function may be augmented
    temporarily by prefixing it with parameter assignments, as described
    above in PARAMETERS. These assignment statements affect only the envi‐
    ronment seen by that command.
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    It looks to me that this link may be helpful to you:

    The process is fairly similar with most packages from my experience. Probably the most helpful thing I've found is after unpacking the tarball is to look in the directory for a readme file. These usually tell you word for word what is needed to be entered into the terminal.

    If this doesn't work for you could you post what you've tried so far?

    Best of luck.

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