Linux Operating system:

When we use stty command and change serial port settings, then where in which file does eventually these settings written.

I am finding the file where I can directly write those settings for any device.

Question2: I am using buildroot-QuickMIPS. I have two devices on my KVM board. ttyAM1 ARM - amba serial device is working perfectly.

But ttyAM0 ARM amba serial device can receive data but is not transmitting.

Driver is perefect since one driver is for both devices.
Both devices are same.

Yamen-le program (boot strap program) successfully write on ttyAM0 and ttyAM1 device.

But when cross compiled linux 2.-4.-20 is successfully loaded then ttyAM0 can't transmit.

Where can be the problem.
I put printk's in quickmip_serail_amba.c driver and noticed that write function is successfully called. but then no data is transmitted.

Even loop back is checked no loop back works.

Any one can give slolution.

Ahmad Abdul Wakeel
Design Engineer